if everyone could please just go and click the ‘vote’ button by magnetrix cosplay (aka, myself) it would rlly help thank you!!!!!


Awww shucks. Do you have another blog?


—> Lorna Dane / Polaris
—> Alison Blaire / Dazzler
—> Layla Miller-Madrox / Butterfly
—> Meggan
—> Vi
—> Wave the swallow

putting anya on indefinite hiatus for now bc i can’t find any partners on here tbh. if anyone wants to thread message me to help get muse working thank.s

      ‘yeah, i totally knew i just kicked
that robots ass, it’s kinda what i do.’

v slowly rebooting this blog bc apparently i cant keep a muse unless it begins with an l and ends with orna dane smh



Uh…  ”Venomette” suit?

       —Yeah … it was a weird phase.

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